Jaguar Land Rover may stop plants due to coronavirus

Jaguar Land Rover may stop plants due to coronavirus

February 20, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The leadership of the British company is not sure that they have enough details to continue the uninterrupted production of cars.

Jaguar Land Rover UK businesses may temporarily suspend operations. This will happen in two weeks, and the reason should be sought in China. The British lack components from the Middle Kingdom, where they also encountered difficulties due to the new coronavirus. Such information is shared by Automotive News, citing the head of the British company Ralph Shpet. According to him, the available components will be enough for them for only two weeks, after which the automaker may face a shortage of them.

 Recall that currently in the UK there are three plants Jaguar Land Rover. Every year, up to 400,000 cars leave their conveyors.

¬†Shpet noted that in this difficult situation, they have to transport parts on their own – “by airplanes in their suitcases.” The state of affairs at the enterprises is monitored by a specially created working group.