Jaguar Land Rover, due to Brexit, dismisses employees and suspends the conveyor

Jaguar Land Rover, due to Brexit, dismisses employees and suspends the conveyor

January 25, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

In April, the production of cars will be stopped for a week, and the reason was the uncertainty arising in connection with the release of the UK from the European Union.

Usually, annual vacations at British car factories are announced not earlier than summer. But this year, for example, Rolls-Royce closes the plant in West Sussex in the first two weeks of April. The reason was the upcoming Brexit. The manufacturer hopes to be able to better prepare for the consequences of a possible uneven exit.

Recall, Brexit is scheduled for March 29, but there is still no intelligible agreement between the EU and the UK regulating future relations and, in particular, trade issues. Automakers are preparing for different scenarios, but today they more than ever depend on open borders. It is clear that as good as it is now, there will be no more, tariffs may increase, additional fees will appear. All this will lead to higher prices for cars.

Jaguar Land Rover follows the example of Rolls-Royce and also endures part of its summer holidays in order to relive the Brexit easier. The manufacturer informed the government about a break in production from April 8 to April 12 (working week), during this period the conveyors at three plants in the United Kingdom will stop. Discussions about the dangers of diesel fuel and the restrictions that they want to introduce for such machines, as well as a sharp decline in sales in China, have not less hard hit the British company Jaguar Land Rover. Therefore, two weeks ago, JLR announced that it was cutting 4.5 thousand out of more than 40 thousand employees in the company.

Thus, the producers decided to take a breather to look around and understand how strongly the exit from the European Union will affect their supply chains and business as a whole.