Jaguar Land Rover doubts the prospects of SUVs “battery powered”

Jaguar Land Rover doubts the prospects of SUVs “battery powered”

October 2, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Nick Rogers, executive director and chief engineer at Jaguar Land Rover, told Automotive News that producing large electric crossovers might not be practical due to battery packs that are too heavy, high aerodynamic drag, and, consequently, a small range.

Jaguar Land Rover believes that “clean” electric vehicles can be ineffective when exceeding certain vehicle dimensions. Rogers believes that to create a large Range Rover SUV with zero emissions, attention should be paid to fuel cell vehicles.

The position of Rogers explains that Land Rover engineers are in no hurry to transfer the line of models to “pure” electric traction, limiting themselves to the release of plug-in hybrids. However, Jaguar Land Rover chief engineer admits that fuel cell vehicles will only have a future if they learn how to synthesize hydrogen using renewable energy. Existing plants that break down water into hydrogen and oxygen operate on electricity.

Today, the development of fuel cell propulsion systems, among others, is carried out by BMW together with Toyota. In 2022, the Bavarian concern plans to release the first batch of all-terrain vehicles X5 and X7 powered by hydrogen.

In the summer, Jaguar Land Rover and BMW announced cooperation in the development of all-electric cars, but it is possible that the partnership will go beyond the scope of electric cars, and the concerns will join forces in the future to create hydrogen vehicles.