Jaguar Land Rover cars will have fancy SmartWatch-style screens

Jaguar Land Rover cars will have fancy SmartWatch-style screens

November 5, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Jaguar Land Rover intends to introduce SmartWatch technology into its cars today. We are familiar with it on smart watches and curved OLED TVs. And what benefit can she bring to cars?

Currently, Jaguar Land Rover experts are actively working on a new technology that will help change the traditional instrument panel to a more modern screen. Such a curved display will be deprived of any buttons and repeat the panel in color. For this study, known as LESA, the brand has high expectations. It will not only radically change the interior space of the car, but will also provide motorists with more opportunities to customize their cars for personal needs.

By the way, this technology successfully works in curved OLED TVs and the so-called “smart” watches. Now, the JLR decided to adapt it to cars.

 With such a system, there is no need for an electronic control unit, since the circuit is applied to the flat and flexible surface itself. All this indicates that in the near future we will be able to see digital screens on a variety of surfaces inside the car. In addition, the new technology reduces the weight of electronics by almost 60 percent.

Meanwhile, Hyundai has invested a decent amount in hydrogen technology. The brand believes that hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are the future of the automotive industry.