Jaguar Land Rover came up with a new notification system using heat signals

Jaguar Land Rover came up with a new notification system using heat signals

May 29, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

For this it is proposed to use a temperature-changing steering wheel.

In Jaguar Land Rover came up with a new driver notification system. This is a steering wheel, individual parts of which can quickly heat up and cool down, suggesting, for example, which way to turn or informing about the jam.

The sensor steering wheel was developed by Jaguar Land Rover engineers in collaboration with Glasgow University staff. When heating or cooling parts of it, the system notifies the driver of the prompts of the navigation system, as well as report traffic jams or accidents on the route. It is assumed that such a system would be useful in conditions of poor or insufficient visibility: in the snow, fog or on mountain roads. A Jaguar Land Rover study shows that it is the heat signals that will help the driver concentrate fully on the road.

In the future, the technology can be adapted for paddle shifters. Their temperature will show whether the control of the machine is transferred to the autopilot or not. Now on the sensor steering wheel change the temperature on both sides of the rim, and the difference reaches 60 degrees Celsius. The range is configured from the screen of the media system.

Finally, heat signals can be used for other types of notifications. For example, where vibration or audio is undesirable. The creators cite as an example informing about the stock of fuel and the approach to the sights.