Jaguar is preparing a new flagship SUV J-Pace with a hybrid

Jaguar is preparing a new flagship SUV J-Pace with a hybrid

March 25, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Next year we can expect the presentation of a new premium model from a British brand. A feature of the car will be manufacturability and advanced all-wheel drive without a universal joint.

Jaguar Land Rover, with the support of the Indian holding company, began to actively develop its model line and its own technologies. In the near future, the creation of a new MLA platform is expected, which will form the basis of all the company’s models until 2025. The peculiarity of the platform is wide scalability, as well as modularity, and, of course, a high degree of integration of electrified systems.

The first model based on it will have to be the new flagship of the company – the J-Pace SUV. The car will take the top step in the model range and will demonstrate the capabilities of the brand in terms of technology. A feature of the model for the company will be an intelligent all-wheel drive system that operates at the expense of an additional electric motor on the rear axle.

While Jaguar is not in a hurry to transfer all models exclusively to electricity. To date, the development strategy involves the introduction of an interim solution – hybrids. According to the latest research of the company, by 2025 no more than 20% of sales of electric cars for the total volume of the world market is expected.