Jaguar introduced the updated F-Pace for tests

Jaguar introduced the updated F-Pace for tests

September 12, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The British automaker continues to modernize its model line: at the Frankfurt Motor Show, several new models were announced at once, and the other day we were in the hands of spy shots of a camouflaged crossover.

It is already known that a new XJ sedan will soon appear, as well as a restyled version of the sports F-Type, but new spy shots suggest that the F-Pace SUV has also undergone a planned revision. This is our first look at the updated F-Pace. Despite the fact that camouflage hides many new design elements, there are some interesting details that you should pay attention to.

The first thing we notice is the headlights. On this prototype, the headlight housings seem smaller and more sculptural than the existing serial optics. Note that the new design makes them taller and denser. It is difficult to say whether the radiator grille is different, or whether there are any updates for the lower air vents and running lights.

The rear optics have also been revised; there is a large white area above the red case. It also looks like these lights don’t go as far on the bumper as the current ones.

That’s all we know about the updated F-Pace. These images do not allow us to evaluate the new product, and we do not know what the British automaker plans to change in the motor range. The company says that all of its models that will appear in the future will be electrified, but it is unclear whether they include a restyled version of the F-Pace.

Theoretically, the updated F-Pace SUV could use a new hybrid powerplant with a 3.0-liter Jaguar Land Rover Ingenium family engine. Meanwhile, the remaining engines are in limodernization, which will best affect their power. But we won’t know all the details until the new F-Pace officially appears, probably around 2020.