Jaguar has revealed the secret of the popularity of large grilles

Jaguar has revealed the secret of the popularity of large grilles

February 3, 2020 1 By autotimesnews

The new head of the design department at Jaguar Corporation, Julian Thomson, explained why models with huge grilles are popular. According to Thompson, the outrageous style is created to satisfy the tastes of Chinese consumers and increase brand awareness in China.

According to the chief designer, he does not consider the desire to please Chinese customers through a radical change of design “a rational step.” Thompson made it clear that some of the competitors went too far disproportionately increasing the radiator grill, and the result turned out to be rude and not harmonious.

In a conversation with Car Throttle, the artist said that Jaguar will not follow the trend of increasing the dimensions of the grille. Thompson explained that the cross-section of the front air intake on the updated F-Type family has reached the maximum size for models of the British brand.

 In terms of attracting Chinese customers with a low level of automotive culture, Jaguar experts are going to resort to other measures, gradually instilling in consumers the “sophisticated style” from the main car market.

 Thompson’s message means that despite a serious drop (–13% last year) in China and the general crisis, British-made cars will remain faithful to a conservative style.