Jaguar has announced several new models

Jaguar has announced several new models

September 10, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The chief designer of the British company said that the future is not only off-road vehicles, hinting that the next XE and XF will get a bold style.

Jaguar’s new designer, Julian Thomson, wants the automaker to continue to produce sports cars and lounges, and not just create more and more SUVs.

Thomson, who recently replaced Jan Callum, said at the Frankfurt Motor Show that the company will not “fully engage in off-road vehicles – we will make sedans in the future.” In recent years, the brand has invested heavily in SUVs due to their high demand.

“Cars [not SUVs] are an important market for us. Now we have many competent SUVs in our showroom, but we must satisfy all customers with various options for power plants and bodies, ”said the top manager.

Jaguar will replace the XJ with a more impressive electric model, which will appear at the end of 2020 and will soon go into mass production. With this car, the automaker teased at a press conference in Frankfurt.

Thomson said similar models of the current XE and XF will also be released later and could undergo major changes, even in the most conservative markets.

Although replacements for XE and XF have not been planned for several years, XF will receive an update soon.

In the coming months, the F-Type will also undergo refinements, and Thomson confirmed that the car will also be used in future generations.