Jaguar fuses I-Paces pre-production to make new body panels

Jaguar fuses I-Paces pre-production to make new body panels

April 8, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Jaguar is testing a new scheme, according to which aluminum, taken from old brand cars, is recycled to make components for new models.

The Reality program is part of the British Jaguar Land Rover’s plan for developing a “closed-loop aluminum strategy,” according to which light metal from old cars will be reused in next-generation models. Ultimately, such a scheme could result in a company significantly reducing in new aluminum, as well as reducing carbon emissions.

The British brand has already reduced its CO2 production by 46% per vehicle, and although 180,000 tons of aluminum it consumes every year is a small fraction compared to 80 million tons, he wants to reduce the use of so-called “primary aluminum” “.

Reality is currently being tested on early, pre-production samples of the I-Pace electric crossover, from which the batteries are removed before they are broken and the metal is sorted. After separation, aluminum can be melted and turned into parts for new Jaguar Land Rover models. Scientists from Brunel University then test new components to make sure they are safe and durable enough for use in car body panels.

 Gael Guillaume, lead manager of the Reality program at Jaguar Land Rover, says: “Aluminum is a valuable material and a key component of our manufacturing process, and therefore we strive to maximize its use in our cars.”