Jaguar chief designer wants more sports models

Jaguar chief designer wants more sports models

December 6, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

New Jaguar Design Director Julian Thomson wants the company to start producing more sports cars. Although he does not want to do a fully electric hypercar.

Just a few days ago, the updated Jaguar F-Type was introduced to the world as the first new model released under the leadership of Julian Thomson. At this stage, the F-Type is the only sports car in the company’s lineup.

 “The Jaguar will always build sports cars. I would like to do more than one, ” – said Thomson.

 However, the new head of the design division of Jaguar is aware that sales of sports cars are not comparable to those of ordinary civilian vehicles. Although he does not exclude that in the future there may be a sharp surge in demand for sports cars. This may be due to the emergence of modern electric vehicles with unmanned technology. The market will be divided into ordinary models for moving from point A to point B, as well as into models created for drivers.

 Thomson could not describe in detail what new sports cars he wants to create, he ruled out a fully electric hypercar, believing that huge volumes of power are not the goal.

In the meantime, only new versions of the Jaguar F-Type can be expected from new products.

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