Jaguar asked to change the meaning of the word “car”

Jaguar asked to change the meaning of the word “car”

August 21, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Jaguar launched an initiative to change the definition of the word “car” in the Oxford English Dictionary. The British believe that the current description of this word does not fit electric cars. The company has already sent a letter to the publishing house of Oxford University, according to the press service of Jaguar.

At, the meaning of “car” is now interpreted as “a road vehicle, usually with four wheels, driven by an internal combustion engine and capable of transporting a small number of people.” Jaguar explained that, based on this definition, Jaguar I-Pace and other electric cars are not cars.

“The definition of any type of vehicle or technology is carefully thought out so that it is as consumer-oriented as possible. It was a big surprise for us that the definition of a car is somewhat outdated. That is why we encourage the Oxford English Dictionary to update the online classification to reflect the transition from traditional internal combustion engines to more environmentally friendly power plants, ”said a spokesman for Jaguar.

Jaguar I-Pace is equipped with two electric motors (one on each axis), which in total give out 400 l. with. and 696 Nm of torque. The crossover is able to accelerate from zero to the first “hundred” in 4.8 seconds, and its maximum speed is forcibly limited to 200 km per hour. The motors are powered by a set of lithium-ion batteries of 90 kWh, consisting of 432 cells, which provide a range of 470 km (WLTP cycle).

Using a fast 100-kilowatt system, you can recharge a battery from zero to 80% in 40 minutes, and through a point of 50 kW in 90 minutes. Using a home power outlet will take a little over ten hours to recharge the batteries.