Jacques Villeneuve: Now Max can fight for the title

Jacques Villeneuve: Now Max can fight for the title

April 9, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Jacques Villeneuve often criticized Max Verstappen, considering him too young for Formula 1. But now he is confident that the Dutch rider has enough experience to fight for the title.

Jacques Villeneuve: “Obviously, when the opportunity arises to get behind the wheel of a Formula 1 car, you cling to it with both hands. The young rider does not know what the season in Formula 2 will give him, so if there is a choice, then we must immediately go to F1.

Max did the right thing by choosing Red Bull. This team is great for him, because there everyone works for one racer. If he had played on another team, I doubt that he would have stayed there for so long. For the past few years, he has performed well, but he is no longer what he was three years ago. Verstappen can now fight for the title if he gets a competitive car. Perhaps this year he will not have such a chance, but I think that he is ready to fight for winning the championship in the future. ”

Since at one time Villeneuve skeptical about the prospects of the Dutchman in Formula 1, he was asked what should be the ideal scenario, according to which the young pilots should prepare for the transition to the highest racing category.

“It’s not in my attitude to Max – I’m talking about Formula 1 as a whole,” said the world champion 1997. “Debuting in the Grand Prix, the riders must immediately be competitive. This means that they need to learn a lot in the youth series. Now Verstappen is exactly what he was supposed to make his debut in F1. However, he got his chance much earlier, when he had less experience, but I understand that the proposal to get behind the wheel of a Formula 1 car cannot be refused.

His father Jos did very wisely: he made it clear to Red Bull that Max could be useful to the team. In the end, everything turned out, and now Red Bull Racing is completely built around his son. Yos and Max would never have managed anything like this with another team. ”