Jack Miller: I needed binoculars to see Marquez

Jack Miller: I needed binoculars to see Marquez

September 23, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Jack Miller needed binoculars to see Mark Marquez after the Australian went to second place in the first round of the Aragon Grand Prix. In any case, the Ducati racer is satisfied with the prize. The last time Miller stood on the podium in Brno.

Racer Pramac Ducati showed excellent performance in the first round. At the 12th bend, the Italian took second place and found that Marc Marquez had already left everyone. Struggling to preserve the rubber, Miller dropped to fourth place. When Andrea Dovitiosio went around Maverica Vinales, Jack turned on 100% and also went around the Yamaha pilot.

Jack Miller: “I started pretty well behind Fabio, who at first acted a little cautiously – not bad, but just cautiously. I understood that I had to overtake him as quickly as possible if I wanted to try to get to Marquez. I did it on the 12th turn. It turned out that I needed binoculars to see Marquez. He came off so far. I decided to leave him, and I focused on my pace. In the fourth practice, he made a 17-circuit simulation of the race with Marquez, so he understood his pace and decided not to force things. When Maverick passed me, he noted for himself several places of overtaking for the future. I decided to keep calm and add only where it is really necessary.

I managed to save the rubber. I was a little pissed off at overtaking Dovizioso, but still kept calm as much as possible. When Andrea overtook Maverick, I got a new opportunity. The left side of the rubber on the Vinales motorcycle was completely erased. I overtook him. Very happy to be back on the podium. “

Jack Miller reduced the gap from Fabio Cuartararo to six points in the fight for the title in the category of satellite pilots.