Izusu Amigo turned into a copy of the toy machine Hot Wheels

Izusu Amigo turned into a copy of the toy machine Hot Wheels

September 24, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Toys Hot Wheels, which once sold at McDonalds along with Happy Money, not only became the most popular series in the history of the network, but also inspired fans around the world to bold experiments. Motorists, sparing no effort and money, tuning their cars under the toy.

The old Isuzu Amigo ramp of 1993 was a copy of a toy car from the legendary Hot Wheels. The miniature cars that the kids found in the Happy Meal sets delighted adults. Many motorists turned their iron horses into exact copies of their favorite cars. So did the owner of Isuzu Amigo.

Auto, whose mileage exceeded 67 thousand kilometers, in addition to the recognizable coloring with spectacular flame tongues, received more serious improvements. First, the owner of the SUV chose the right engine for his project – it was a powerful 327 Chevy V8, along with a new power unit, the car received an overall aluminum air intake and a modernized carburetor. In the issue of powertrain, the choice was made in favor of a 5-step “mechanics”.

To the real car was as much like a toy, had to sacrifice visibility, which deteriorated because of the understated roof. Add to this the original bumpers and huge wheels.

The auto salon has also changed: the classic Japanese minimalism was replaced by a traditional American interior in the spirit of Chevrolet SUVs of the 70s. A unique car its owner estimated at 6.5 thousand dollars