It’s known why Tesla closes car dealerships

It’s known why Tesla closes car dealerships

March 3, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Already in the coming months, the American electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla intends to close the vast majority of its branded salons, leaving only the stores with the highest customer attendance.

In the near future, those who want to purchase a prestigious ecological five-seat sedan, can only buy in an online store.

Now in North America, you can buy a Tesla electric car in just 1 minute and this practice is going to be spread by manufacturers around the world.

In addition, cutting costs for staff and retail space, the company has already found the opportunity to significantly reduce the cost of the Model 3 cars for the third time. Due to this, the price for the younger model starts at $ 35,000, although the car was originally estimated at 42,000.

It should be noted that Tesla decided to cancel all test drive before buying, instead introducing the practice of “running” cars. The buyer will be able to buy a car, leave it for a week or 1000 miles, that is 1609 km, and then return if transport for some reason did not come, getting back the full cost.