Italy’s motorcycle industry begins to recover

Italy’s motorcycle industry begins to recover

May 3, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The Italian factories Ducati and Energica will start working again.

The coronavirus epidemic in Italy is gradually declining and some of the country’s enterprises are starting to return to work. Quto reports that the Ducati factories in Bologna and Energica in Emilia-Romagna began quarantining this week.

The head of Ducati, Claudio Domenicali, said that this year will be extremely difficult, but they are glad that they are returning to work. “A motorcycle is an ideal vehicle in a pandemic, with it there are no problems with parking and social distance. It is safety and fun at the same time ”: the head of the company emphasized.

After resuming work at the enterprises, the most stringent safety measures will be followed. Ducati workers must always wear masks and undergo a medical examination every day, in addition, the manufacturer split one eight-hour shift into two seven-hour shifts, which will prevent the accumulation of many workers in one place. Employees who are not involved in the assembly of motorcycles can even work from home.

Energica has taken security even more. In addition to masks and medical examinations, personnel should also wear gloves, and not only premises and equipment will be disinfected, but also components imported into the enterprise. Processing will be subject to even descended from the conveyor electric bike.