Italians want to convert Tesla Model S liftback into a roadster

Italians want to convert Tesla Model S liftback into a roadster

November 7, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Two-seater version of the electric vehicle will build atelier Ares Decision

Ares Design, run by former Lotus CEO Dany Bahar, showed the first sketch of the roadster based on the Tesla Model S electric car.

Ares Design can become the first company to decide on reworking the Model S into a two-door roadster, although there are already examples of the successful transformation of an electric vehicle into a wagon and a four-door Shooting Break. The first was built by the British company Qwest, the second by the Dutch atelier RemetzCar.

Universal Tesla Model S made on the basis of modifications P90D. The back of the car completely made of carbon fiber. To keep the autonomic control system operational, Qwest experts consulted with Tesla engineers. RemetzCar version received new aluminum body panels and tailgate with integrated spoiler, janitor and brake light.

In October, Ares Design presented the final version of the design of the Grand Tourer, repeating the look of a front-engine Ferrari 412 of the 80s. The supercar built on the GTC4 Lusso units will receive a completely new body with details styled as an original model.