Italians turned the classic Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA into an electric car

Italians turned the classic Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA into an electric car

November 15, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Italian company Totem Automobili has completed work on the first electric restomod Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA.

Alfa Romeo GTelectric, that is how the new electric car of the Italians is called, borrowed only 10% of the chassis from its “donor”. Along with this, an additional frame was installed to strengthen the structure.

In addition, the specialists replaced the original 4-cylinder engine with a 518-horsepower electric motor, and also installed a liquid-cooled battery pack with a capacity of 50.4 kW / h. The unit itself is located aft, and the space under the hood is now occupied by various components that are traditional for electric vehicles. As for the power reserve, the car can travel approximately 320 kilometers on a single charge.

The body of the GTelectric, for which carbon fiber was used, has become wider, in addition, the electric car has been equipped with new LED headlights and flashlights. Speaking of the interior of the electric vehicle, it is worth noting the presence of two carbon-fiber seats with brown leather inserts and a dashboard that resembles the shape of the original model.

The first deliveries of the Alfa Romeo GTelectric are scheduled for summer 2022. In total, the Italian company plans to build 20 copies, each of which will cost from 430,000 euros. Despite the high cost, Totem Automobili notes that most of the cars have already been reserved.

In addition, it was recently reported that Volkswagen is investing billions of euros in electric cars and digitalization. It is worth mentioning that the German automaker plans to produce about 26 million electric vehicles over the next decade.