Italian tuners will create a crystal car

Italian tuners will create a crystal car

July 17, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The tuning studio Ares Design promises to present the original car this year. In the meantime, the Italians are stirring up interest in the novelty with an intriguing teaser.

Tuners from Italy are working on an unusual project: the Ares Design studio is going to create a “crystal” car. The Italians will be helped in this by the French company Lalique, which produces decorative products from crystal and glass.

The goal of this bold tuning project is to breathe life into the iconic car of the past with modern technology. What kind of model the tuners have chosen is not yet reported. The only hint is a teaser, which shows a schematic silhouette of the novelty. Before us is a roadster, which, most likely, will receive a retro design. The car in the teaser image shows a long hood and soft convertible top.

Also, the revived retro car can get a stylish chrome finish: it will look spectacular on exterior mirrors and door handles.

Italian specialists will take on the design and construction of the future roadster, while the French will create exclusive hand-made crystal decor for the car. Work on the creation of an unusual model is scheduled to be completed this year.

Earlier our portal said that Rolls-Royce has created an exclusive Phantom with “crystal” paint. To create such a unique finish, the body of the sedan was painted in several layers with a special varnish with particles of crystal.