Italian Maserati is going to become completely electric?

Italian Maserati is going to become completely electric?

November 2, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The premium Maserati is likely to become a fully electric automaker in the very near future, at least that is the conclusion that can be drawn from the recently published roadmap.

The Italian-American concern FCA, which includes the Maserati company, announced that all future Maserati models will receive electric performance. This should help the company, as they say, stay “afloat”.

  To quickly gain an even greater share of the current automotive market, the Italian Maserati will introduce electric versions of most of its models – they will be sold along with the usual versions of the same cars that will be equipped with classic internal combustion engines.

 According to the same roadmap, in 2020 Maserati plans to introduce a completely new sports car. This new model will temporarily replace the aging GranTurismo, which is due to return to the lineup in 2021. The all-new Maserati sports car will be the first automaker’s vehicle to receive an electrified powertrain.

In 2021, Maserati will unveil a version of its new sports car Cabrio, a new crossover and an updated GranTurismo. The Maserati SUV will undoubtedly be very similar to the updated version of another Italian crossover Alfa Romeo Stelvio, which should also be presented in 2021. The return of the GranTurismo model, we hope, will greatly change the model, while maintaining its familiar character. Maserati plans to offer an electrified version of the GranTurismo, but it is currently unclear when it will be.

  In 2023, the appearance of a completely new generation of the Levante crossover is expected, which, of course, will also have a fully electric version. Representatives of Maserati also claim that all of their new models will receive level 3 autonomous control (conditional autopilot). In accordance with poorly regulated levels of automation, level 3 includes the ability not only to navigate the car independently when driving on the highway, but also to drive around the city.