Italian Grand prix: Lecler – Bottas – Hamilton

Italian Grand prix: Lecler – Bottas – Hamilton

September 8, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

After winning the Spa, Ferrari was considered a favorite on the home track – at this stage both riders received a new, more powerful power plant, but failed to occupy the entire first row, as at the last stage.

The pilots of Scuderia were the leaders in training – on Friday Charles Lecler led the protocol, and on Saturday morning – Sebastian Vettel.

The qualification turned out to be strange. Everyone wanted to get into the air bag behind another car in order to win back a few tenths. In the final session, the riders waited until the last in the pits, then drove slowly along the track – no one wanted to start the fastest lap first, as a result, most pilots simply did not have time – the session was over. Hulkenberg, Sainz, and Stroll received a warning for driving too slowly.

Pole for the second time in a row and the fourth in a season won by Charles Lecler – in the first attempt, he drove a circle in the slipstream behind Vettel, but failed to change back, although the team planned it.

Leclair and Hamilton started the race from the first row of the starting field, Bottas and Vettel started from the second, Riccardo and Hulkenberg from the third. Daniil Kvyat started on the 12th.

Lando Norris, Pierre Gasley, Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez lost their positions at the start for the replacement of elements of the power plant. After a Saturday accident, Raikkonen’s car changed the gearbox and power plant – he started from the pit lane.

At the start, Leclair retained leadership. Hulkenberg was ahead of Riccardo and Vettel, but Sebastian counterattacked and returned the position. Verstappen turned into the pits to replace the tires and nose fairing after contact with Perez.

Raikkonen started the race with a pit lane, the mechanics gave him the wrong set of tires on which he showed the best time in the second part of the qualification, and later Kimi was punished with a 10-second Stop & Go.

The top ten on the 2nd circle: Leclair – Hamilton – Bottas – Vettel – Hulkenberg – Riccardo – Stroll – Sainz – Elbon – Giovinazzi.

On the 3rd lap in the fight against Sainz, Elbon flew into gravel, losing several positions.

On the 4th round, Perez was ahead of Russell in the fight for 15th place.

On the 5th, Riccardo was ahead of Hulkenberg, rising to fifth place.

On the 6th lap, Vettel flew off the track after a U-turn, returning he touched Stroll’s car passing by – there was a contact, because of which Lance turned around. Vettel turned into the pits, receiving new tires and a nose fairing.

Returning to the trajectory, Stroll forced Gasley to go round him on gravel – and was fined for passing through the pit lane.

On the 8th lap Grosjean deployed at the exit of Ascari, he turned into the pits and changed tires.

The top ten on the 10th lap: Leclair – Hamilton – Bottas – Riccardo – Hulkenberg – Sainz – Giovinazzi – Elbon – Quat – Magnussen.

The stewards examined the incident with Vettel – and punished him with a 10-second Stop & Go for unsafe return to the track. On the 13th lap, the German served a fine, returning behind the leader in a circle.

On lap 16, Stroll served a fine.

Elbon received a five-second fine, having gone abroad the track in the fight against Magnussen, and without returning the position.

On lap 19, Hamilton changed tires, returning to the fifth track.

On the 20th lap Raikkonen served a fine, and Leclair had a pit stop, returning to the track right in front of Hamilton.

On the 21st lap Magnussen changed tires, on the 22nd lap – Giovinazzi.

At lap 23, Hamilton attacked Leclair, but Charles pushed his opponent off the track and received a black and white flag.

On the 24th lap, Norris and Russell changed tires.

On the 26th lap, Leclair and Hamilton were ahead of Riccardo.

On the 27th lap, Elbon had a pit stop, on the 28th, Bottas, Sainz, Raikkonen and Verstappen.

The mechanics didn’t fasten the front right wheel on Sainz’s car, after returning to the track he had to stop and retire.

To evacuate Sainz’s machines, they announced a virtual machine security mode. Quat, Perez and Gasley changed tires.

At lap 30, Bottas was ahead of Riccardo, and Hulkenberg changed tires.

On the 31st lap, Quat retired due to problems with the power plant. The newly announced security virtual machine mode. Riccardo Kubica and Grosjean changed tires.

The top ten on the 31st lap: Leclair – Hamilton – Bottas – Riccardo – Hulkenberg – Giovinazzi – Elbon – Magnussen – Perez – Norris.

On the 33rd lap Verstappen beat Gasley in the fight for 11th place.

Hamilton continued to pressure Leclair, they caught up with Vettel lagging behind and Sebastian missed the leaders of the race.

Magnussen blocked the tires, cut the first chicane – and went to the pits.

On the 36th circle, Leclair made a mistake on braking, Hamilton attacked, but Charles retained the lead.

On the 42nd lap Verstappen ahead of Giovinazzi, rising to eighth place.

Hamilton made a mistake, cut off the chicane – and returned to the track behind Bottas. Now the Finn tried to catch up with Leclair, but could not maintain the pace of the Monegasque.

On the 43rd lap Vettel changed tires. On the 45th, Magnussen turned into the pits and retired due to a drop in pressure in the hydraulic system.

The top ten on the 49th lap: Leclair – Bottas – Hamilton – Riccardo – Hulkenberg – Elbon – Perez – Verstappen – Giovinazzi – Norris.

At lap 50, Hamilton changed tires, retaining his position, and left the best lap of the race.

Charles Lecler won the race at Monza, gaining a second victory in a row and ahead of Sebastian Vettel in the individual competition. Valtteri Bottas climbed to the second step of the podium, Lewis Hamilton finished third.

Renault racers in Monza were “the best of the rest”, having achieved the best result of the season and ahead of the Toro Rosso in the Cup of designers.

Two weeks later, the struggle will continue with the night race in Singapore.