Italian FV Frangivento wants to become a new Koenigsegg

Italian FV Frangivento wants to become a new Koenigsegg

June 3, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The startup presented its first model.

Italian startup FV Frangivento presented a hybrid car Asfanè DieciDieci, ready for launching into production. The first word in the name of the car translates from Piedmontese as “what cannot be done,” and DieciDieci or “ten-ten” indicates the power of the power plant. The company plans to become an analogue of Koenigsegg.

The plug-in hybrid Asfanè DieciDieci is equipped with a 5.4-liter V10, a modified Car Racing Turin workshop. The engine produces 860 horsepower. Two electric motors work with him: both are installed on the front axle and in total provide an increase of 150 hp. Peak recoil power plant – 1010 horsepower. The gearbox is an eight speed automatic. The hybrid acceleration time to 100 km/h is still unknown, but its maximum speed is 350 kilometers per hour.

The supercar is built around an aluminum frame. Body panels are made of carbon fiber. Among the features: a huge air intake on the roof, a massive diffuser, rear optics across the entire width of the body and six exhaust pipes. Asfanè DieciDieci has a steering wheel that looks like a steering wheel, a digital dashboard tablet and a central display of an infotainment system.

The Quattroruote edition writes that the goal of FV Frangivento is to become the Italian equivalent of Koenigsegg. The startup intends to finance further development through taking orders for Asfanè DieciDieci, which was estimated at 1-1.5 million euros.