It would be nice to win in China at the expense of speed

It would be nice to win in China at the expense of speed

April 1, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The second race of the season ended the same way as the first – with the Mercedes double, but the sensations were left completely different. The Silver Arrows team is well aware that they won only due to coincidence of circumstances …

Lewis Hamilton (1st): “Today we had a hard time, I had to do everything that I can. Ferrari was ahead of us all weekend, so we are very, very lucky to win this double victory.

Ultimately, you want to fight, you want to get ahead of someone because you are faster, and now the sensations are a bit strange, it’s hard to believe in such a good script. I have been in such situations and I know how you feel, but Charles performed superbly all weekend, and he has a bright future ahead of him.

Behind just two races. In one we were far ahead, in the other Ferrari was stronger. It is difficult to say how the subsequent stages will develop, but I expect that the struggle will be intense, and our two teams will change places.

You need to continue to work hard to understand what went wrong this weekend, and see what we can improve the car. But as we saw today, reliability also plays a big role, so you need to work on all areas. Now we are going to China. ”

Valtteri Bottas (2nd): “The race cannot be called easy, the car was difficult to drive. The conditions due to the gusting wind turned out to be difficult, the car behaved unpredictably. I had a good start and was able to climb in second place, but on the next lap the wind prevented me from entering the first turn, I lost my position, and after the battle with Lewis rolled back to the fourth.

After that, I actually drove alone, hoping to earn points. Probably, from the side of the race seemed exciting, there were many surprises. Ferrari cars were again very strong, as well as throughout the weekend. But fortune today turned out to be on our side, and after all the failures that I experienced last year, I am glad of it.

On the other hand, our car has demonstrated excellent reliability, which, ultimately, and brought this success. This is a tough race for Charles, but he brilliantly worked this weekend, and I am sure that his time will come. We are leaving Bahrain with a lot of points, but there’s a lot to do before the race in China. ”