It turned out to be impossible to get rid of the broken Tesla

It turned out to be impossible to get rid of the broken Tesla

November 24, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The operation of the electric car resulted in serious problems for the owner

The owner of a Tesla Model S from Austria crashed his electric car last month, but still cannot get rid of it: no one is taking up the disposal of the remains.

Last October, the owner of the Tesla Model S from the Austrian city of Tirol lost control and crashed into a tree. The electric car was seriously damaged and, in addition, caught fire. An official Tesla dealer recognized the broken liftback as unsuitable for repair and restoration, but the owner still cannot get rid of the remains of an electric car: it turned out that no one in Austria knows how to properly dispose of cars with electric power plants and lithium-ion batteries, and not licensed.

It is forbidden to take an electric car to a landfill or return it to a scrap metal collection point in the European Union, but they have not yet come up with any legal ways of recycling it. It is too dangerous to bring a broken Model S to Germany: the battery is seriously damaged and Tesla experts strongly recommend not even trying to dismantle it. As a result, the remains of Tesla have been lying in the back of the car repair shop for a month and a half. When Tesla found out about this situation, they sent two engineers to Austria who should try to find a safe way to remove the battery. So far they have not succeeded.