It became known when the sunset of the era of taxi with ICE

It became known when the sunset of the era of taxi with ICE

June 19, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The sunset of the taxi era with standard ICE in the United States may happen by the end of this year. In any case, such information was shared by specialists of one of the largest taxi services Lyft.

According to analysts of the company, by 2030 all Lyft taxi cars will receive electric motors, and gasoline will not be allowed to the service. Experts have no doubt that in 10 years electric cars will become much more popular than gasoline ones.

In addition, Lyft predicts that the transition to electric cars will provide an opportunity to significantly reduce operating costs, which will lead to a reduction in travel costs, in particular, this will positively affect the ecological situation in America due to a reduction in the level of emissions of harmful substances into the environment.

According to experts, some drivers save up to $ 50- $ 70 per day on fuel only by using electric cars.

In addition, it has recently become known that the Volkswagen ID.4 electric crossover will be sold in two versions.