It became known what will be called the first Ferrari SUV

It became known what will be called the first Ferrari SUV

December 21, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

On the eve, confirmation was received that the first Ferrari SUV will still see the light. Must submit it in 2021.

From Ferrari officials it was possible to find out that the first SUV of the legendary Italian company has already received a name. It will be called Ferrari Purosangue. Designers and architects were inspired by the recently introduced Ferrari Roma GT. It is expected that the car will be officially unveiled in 2021. The chief technologist of the Italian brand, Michael Lithers, spoke about the features of the car. He explained that two different architectures are planned – with front and rear engine layouts. Particular attention will be paid to modularity in the version with the engine located in front, since there will be several other models on such a platform.

The next Ferrari hypercar with a V12 engine is unlikely to be an SUV. Most likely, such a car will appear after 2022.

 The main strategy in the development of the new hypercar will be ease of control and aerodynamics – Italians believe that this can be a real breakthrough. Therefore, the 986-horsepower SF-90 should remain the most powerful Ferrari car in the coming years.