It became known in which cars the ride height exceeds half a meter

It became known in which cars the ride height exceeds half a meter

September 28, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The Bollinger brand has published information about pre-production versions of the all-terrain vehicles B1 and B2.

Startup Bollinger released data on electric all-terrain vehicles B1 and B2, which were first shown in 2017. The “beta prototypes” of the pickup and SUV acquired two power plants with a capacity of 622 horsepower. It takes 4.5 seconds for the cars to accelerate to one hundred km / h.

In general, the concept of the car has not changed much: the Bollinger B1 and the Bollinger B2 pickup truck received differences in body type and size. In addition, the cars received a common interior and technical equipment. Basically, the constant clearance of SUVs is 381 mm, but in order to overcome obstacles, this figure can vary from 254 to 508 mm. To ensure good cross-country power plants received two-stage gearboxes, which should simulate a lower gear. The traditional BF Goodrich tires in sizes 285/70 R17 have not disappeared.

The interior is very simple: it includes options such as air conditioning and an audio system. The panels are made of metal, and active safety systems are limited by ABS.

The 4,356-meter long SUV is similar to army special vehicles: the entry and exit angles are 52 and 43 degrees, respectively, and the suspension travel is 25.4 centimeters. The pickup is longer by a meter in length, but the exit angle is much smaller – 28 degrees. It has a carrying capacity of 2.3 tons and is capable of transporting long meters through openings made in the body. Another plus is the ability of the Bollinger B2 to tow a trailer weighing 3.4 tons.

It is noted that the cruising range of an SUV is 322 kilometers by EPA. Autonomy is provided by a battery with a capacity of 120 kW-hours.

The estimated start of small-scale assembly of SUVs is 2020. Robert Bollinger as head of the company said that the cost of hand-assembled all-terrain vehicles will be much higher than the Jeep Wrangler, but will not exceed the mark of 200 thousand dollars.