Israel has figured out how to make autopilots cheaper

Israel has figured out how to make autopilots cheaper

October 16, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The first samples of lidar InnovizTwo will be ready next year

The Israeli company Innoviz Technologies has introduced the second generation lidar InnovizTwo, the cost of which has been reduced by 70 percent compared to its predecessor. The development is predicted to spur the massive adoption of autonomous vehicles.

Lidar is one of the most expensive components in self-driving cars today. The device uses the technology of the same name LIDAR, or Light Detection and Ranging (detection and determination of range using light) to scan the space with laser beams. Reflecting from objects, the rays “draw” a three-dimensional picture of the surrounding space.

Despite the high cost, most automakers, with the exception of the American Tesla, have opted for lidars. In particular, BMW and Magna Internation use the first generation of Innoviz lidars for their unmanned programs. The devices of the new sample will appear only in the third quarter of 2021, said the head of the company, Omer Kailaf.

InnovizTwo is capable of working with both semi-autonomous systems available today and with systems of a higher level of automation. For example, the lidar can be integrated into an autopilot that does not require intervention or even human presence. In this case, the cost of the device, according to Kailaf, will not exceed $ 500.

“InnovizTwo offers a solution to a difficult challenge facing the industry. More automakers will be able to offer customers secure semi-autonomous systems while paving the way for full automation, ”the company’s press office said.
On the eve of the compatriots Innoviz from Ben Gurion University found another way to deceive the Tesla autopilot. To confuse the system, images suddenly appear on billboards. According to the researchers, the vulnerability could be exploited by hackers.