Israel has developed a system for “self-healing” cars

Israel has developed a system for “self-healing” cars

January 3, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Modern cars every year become more and more complex in terms of technology. But, as with any computer, sometimes they fail. For example, due to software updates, Tesla owners were previously unable to use their cars, and in Beijing, people have become hostages to the electric car. An Israeli startup has developed a self-healing system that will eradicate such problems.

“The automotive industry is undergoing the biggest revolution. The most important aspect of all of this car-infiltration software is whether you can trust it, especially before you transfer full autonomy to the car, ”says Ori Lederman, co-founder and chief operating officer of Aurora Labs.

According to him, the key to the safety of modern cars is software. Only an autonomous control system can include up to 150 million lines of code and grow to 1 billion in the coming years. More often than not, engine shop employees have to check for malfunctions, not only the engine, brakes and other parts, but also software, failures in which can lead to dangerous consequences.

A new remote system called the “self-healing car” is called to solve the problem. A key feature of the new software will be monitoring the status of the machine and solving software problems in real time. Engineers cite the human immune system as an example, which shows that there are problems in the body, even before they cause catastrophic consequences.

The technology is based on machine learning and artificial intelligence and gives a deep understanding of what software is installed on more than 100 engine control units (ECUs). During the interaction between all units, automatic correction of malfunctions occurs.

Aurora Labs also expresses concern about the cybersecurity of cars, suggesting that in the future vehicles should inspire confidence in all systems – from the engine to the software that controls the wipers.