Isola: We will spend several weeks analyzing data

Isola: We will spend several weeks analyzing data

May 16, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Completed tests in Barcelona were final this season. Under favorable weather conditions, the teams were able to work with all the Pirelli tires, the test results were summed up by Mario Isola …

Mario Isola, head of the auto racing team Pirelli: “These two days were very important Рwith them we completed the program of official tests this season. All subsequent tire tests this year will be private: in the summer we will work on 13-inch tires, and from September we will switch to 18-inch tires.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, the asphalt in Barcelona warmed up to 40 degrees Celsius, in these warm conditions, the teams were able to perform a large amount of work. At their disposal was the whole range of trains, and even if the Spanish asphalt is more suitable for more rigid tires, we watched the participants ride out on soft ones, preparing for the upcoming stages in Monaco and Canada. Obviously, they wanted to evaluate how the tires will behave if all the latest improvements are installed on the car.

All teams worked on individual programs, using, as required by the rules, not only the main, but also the young riders. Ferrari and Racing Point provided one of their cars for testing tire prototypes for the 2020 season – thank you so much for your help! These tests were held in the so-called “blind mode”, so that teams and riders did not know what kind of specification they work with – so we strive to ensure equal conditions. We managed to collect a lot of information, and in relevant conditions – its analysis, to which we will devote the next few weeks, will help to determine the final tire specification for the next season. ”