Isola: Most predictably had one pit stop

Isola: Most predictably had one pit stop

September 8, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The head of the Pirelli car racing division, Mario Isola, summed up the results of the race at Monza, in which Charles Leclair won the victory.

Mario Isola: “On a dry track, most riders predictably chose a single pit stop strategy. For most of the race, the struggle for leadership was between Charles Lecler on the Soft-Hard strategy and Lewis Hamilton, who was trying to “undercut” him on the Soft-Medium strategy. Both riders fought to the finish line, and in the end Valtteri Bottas joined them.

We saw impressive lengths of segments on the Soft tires – some of the riders continued to ride on the starter kit after the middle of the distance. In this they were helped by several modes of a virtual safety car.

Congratulations to Charles Leclair and Ferrari on an unforgettable home win. Our congratulations to Renault, who finished in the top five with two cars, and let’s not forget about Antonio Giovinazzi, who showed his best result. ”