Is this the new version of the large Ford Crown Victoria sedan?

Is this the new version of the large Ford Crown Victoria sedan?

December 24, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Independent artist TheSketchMonkey decided to fantasize about what if an American company decides to introduce a new version of its full-size Ford Crown Victoria sedan.

Ford Crown Victoria is an American full-size rear-wheel drive sedan with a frame chassis, which was produced between 1991 and 2011. This is a pretty interesting car in the automotive field. Despite the fact that this big guy has not been released for several years, he still has loyal fans around the world. What makes this so special is that it is a real old-school car with a classic design, and for almost 20 years of its existence, it has not changed much. By all rules, he was supposed to disappear and leave no trace of himself, but no, this did not happen.

So we can understand why the famous artist TheSketchMonkey decided to present a modern version of this machine.

The car is so big – in this case, in the literal and figurative sense – that its “modernization” is the subject of two videos. First of all, the artists decided to abandon the rounded lines that largely determined the automotive style of the 1990s. It’s funny that the previous generation Crown Victoria was a kind of rectangle on wheels.

 Thus, one of the first actions of an independent artist is to align the sides of the car and add more straight lines to its front panel. Wheel arches have grown in size to accommodate large wheels, and Crown Vic side mirrors have remained as streamlined as before. The second video (below) is devoted to changing the rear of the body, in particular the rear panel, with an improved design of the cult rear lights. It seems that the lenses went through several stages of design before finally appearing in the car. It is worth noting the LED strip that connects the lights.

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