Is this the new and highly anticipated Mazda RX-7?

Is this the new and highly anticipated Mazda RX-7?

January 28, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

This 2022 Mazda RX-7 rendering looks too good to be true. The independent artist who invented this virtual car leaves no hope for the appearance of a completely new sports car from Mazda.

“Without a rotary engine, there probably wouldn’t be a Mazda. And without Mazda, a rotary engine would certainly not have been produced for nearly 50 years. ” These are the words the Japanese automaker published on its official website dedicated to the fiftieth anniversary of its rotary engine. It happened back in 2017. Since then, Mazda has announced the “return” of the rotary engine, but this time, it will act as an auxiliary motor, to increase the range of the hybrid power plant.

 The stunning RX-Vision concept was shown in 2015, but it’s unlikely to ever go into production.

However, Mazda did not abandon the idea of ​​creating a new sports car with a rotary engine, although it described the project as a “race against time” due to tightening emission rules. “This is still our dream,” said the head of the research and development department and the chief designer of the company back in October 2019.

 An independent artist decided to create his own RX-7. This is a purely hypothetical fourth generation sports car, which is a mixture of old and new styles, taking design elements from the second generation model (FC) and mixing them with the aforementioned RX-Vision concept.

 Here is how the author describes his work: “Many exterior elements were taken from the RX-Vision concept introduced in 2015, but some were also derived from the second-generation RX-7 coupe.”

 This, of course, is an amazing machine, and perhaps one of the best visualizations we have seen recently with the image of the new RX. There were rumors of a new rotary car in honor of the Mazda centenary in 2020, but this will not happen.