Is Tesla Cybertruck a pickup, a brilliant masterpiece that will change the future?

Is Tesla Cybertruck a pickup, a brilliant masterpiece that will change the future?

January 1, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Just a couple of minutes ago, EVANNEX, which manufactures and sells accessories for Tesla cars, released an article expressing its opinion on a Tesla all-electric pickup truck.

After the official presentation of the outrageous Tesla Cybertruck pickup truck, like most of you, I was rather puzzled. Is the current automotive world ready for such a radical change? There is no doubt that when Cybertruck goes into mass production, he will definitely have something to “hook” his customer with. But what kind of features will they be?

 As in the case of something new and unfamiliar, public opinion about the American pickup is now far from unambiguous. Someone even believes that the Tesla Cybertruck is a regular iconic car, such as the GM Hummer and Mercedes G-Wagon SUVs.

Positioned as a direct competitor to the Ford F-150, which is one of the most popular pickups in history, the shocking novelty from Tesla already “makes” the Ford F-150 in some respects. Why? See for yourself, an electric novelty can tow a larger amount of payload, it has a lot more payload and most importantly, this machine has instant torque. In addition, on a fully charged battery, Cybertruck can travel a distance of 804 km.

 While Tesla Cybertruck wins in some technical characteristics, its appearance seems to everyone very strange. “It’s nothing like a truck,” is the dominant comment of all that I’ve heard since its debut. Of course, he now looks a little like a truck, a traditional truck. But Cybertruck is not a pickup truck today, but a pickup truck of the future.

 From the point of view of literally everything else, it meets all modern requirements that apply to such cars. With its dimensions of 5,885 mm in length, 2,027 mm in width and 1,905 mm in height, the electric car can accommodate up to six people. The total weight of the truck is 2,000 kg. So far, there is no data on the size of the cargo platform, but as we are shown on official renders, an ATV can easily fit there. With entry angles of 35 ° and a departure of 28 °, as well as with adaptive air suspension, the car can be a good vehicle for off-road.

 With options you really need, such as 110 V / 220 V on-board sockets, as well as an integrated air compressor, the new Tesla pickup truck can now surpass the best trucks available today. In addition, let’s not forget about the existence of an autonomous control system, which, we hope, will be ready before the start of sales of the electric truck.