Is Mazda going to revive rotary motors?

Is Mazda going to revive rotary motors?

June 9, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

In a recent interview with the official representative of the Japanese brand, it became aware of the company’s plans to continue the development of rotary engine technology.

It is safe to say that the rotary engines of the Japanese company Mazda are a true work of automotive art. Many were very upset to learn that the then leadership of the brand decided to curtail the development of such powertrains. Is it really forever – fans thought the brand at the time.

According to Akira Marumoto, rotary engines will be used in future hybrid models of the Japanese automaker.

“Everyone in the company, absolutely everyone is looking forward to returning cars with rotary engines. But for now, we have other tasks at the moment. ”

 From an interview with the current CEO of the Japanese automaker Akira Marumoto, it was possible to find out that at the moment, the company’s engineers are also faced with the problems of reducing the level of emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere. This, of course, is about the countries of the European Union. As Mr. Marumoto said, he has high hopes for the gasoline engine of the brand new SkyActiv-X family. As you know, this engine will appear in the new generation Mazda3 model.

 In addition, the boss of the Japanese automaker was asked about the possible return of rotary engines. It turns out that Mazda engineers are still working to further develop this technology, and this despite the fact that the production of the sports model RX-8, which was equipped with these engines, has long been completed.

 Finally, I note that this is not the first time when official representatives of the company tell us about the return of rotor motors. So the only thing left for us is to hope and wait.