Is Jeep going to produce a stylish sedan?

Is Jeep going to produce a stylish sedan?

April 1, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Of course, this is an April Fool’s joke – well, there will be no off-road brand, to produce nothing but off-road vehicles, crossovers and pickups. Although this car looks pretty good.

American brand Jeep knows everything about how to build off-road cars. He also knows how to create pretty good pickups – we are now about a new Gladiator model. But the guys from the Italian-American concern FCA, which includes this company, decided to dream up on the topic, and what if. If Jeep really created a sedan, for whatever reason, it would most likely look something like this.

  Jeep in the Middle East posted a sedan image on its official Facebook page.

Called the 2019 Jeep Sedan, this car is clearly a April Fool’s Day joke. It seems that the designers took the Chrysler 300 sedan as a base and “put” the “face” of the Jeep Cherokee crossover over it – a seven-slat grille and all that. I must say that the resulting car looks very interesting.

Novelty retains its off-road strength, and also fits very nicely into the sculptural design of a Chrysler sedan from behind. Jeep sedan, obviously, will not go into mass production. Expect more SUVs from the American brand in the next decade. According to official data, next year the Jeep will have three full-size SUVs (including the new Grand Wagoneer), as well as a plug-in hybrid version of the Wrangler model.

  Land Rover can actually offer by 2020 a luxury sedan or station wagon Range Rover, which will be called “Road Rover”.

Not so long ago, we wrote that the American brand Jeep announced the cost of a new pickup Gladiator.