Is Android Auto and Apple Car more dangerous than alcohol?

Is Android Auto and Apple Car more dangerous than alcohol?

March 20, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

According to recent studies, the use of touch-screen infotainment systems has increased driver response times.

Technology continues to penetrate modern cars, providing both increased safety and convenience. But while monitoring blind spots, pedestrian detection, and adaptive cruise control make cars safer, other technological innovations can make driving more dangerous. A new study by IAM RoadSmart, the British organization for road safety, says that using the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto services while driving is more dangerous than a drunk driver.

 This is a bold statement, but, according to the study, the use of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto touch interfaces increases the driver’s reaction time by several times than drunk driving (with an acceptable limit), text messages and driving, as well as talking on the phone.

The study found that using any of these systems, drivers were distracted from the road for 16 seconds. During this time, you can drive more than 500 meters at a speed of 112 km / h.

A study found that for drunk drivers, reaction time decreased by 12 percent. For lovers of driving a car after smoking cannabis, the reaction decreased by 21%. At the same time, the use of the Andoird Auto and Apple CarPlay services increased the reaction time of drivers by 53 and 57%, respectively. Even voice control for both systems slowed down response times by 30 and 36 percent, respectively. The increase in distractions negatively affected the stop and lane control.

 The study also found that drivers underestimate the amount of time they spend looking away from the road by five seconds. The study participants were unable to respond to external stimuli on the way forward when interacting with any of the above services, while some reaction times slowed down by as much as 50 percent. Research is a reminder that technology can add convenience, but it cannot be safer.