Ireland is going to ban cars with an internal combustion engine

Ireland is going to ban cars with an internal combustion engine

June 23, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The Government of Ireland made a statement yesterday that a ban on the operation of cars with internal combustion engines will be introduced in their country.

Ireland officially announced its intention to become one of the cleanest countries in the world. To do this, a complete ban on the operation of cars with ICE will be introduced. And this ban will apply to both gasoline and diesel cars. In addition to electric and possibly hydrogen transport, it will be possible to use only bicycles and similar vehicles.

This was done officially by the Irish government. However, the ban itself will not be put into effect yet, but the first steps towards improving the ecological state of the country will begin to be made in the near future. And the government is confident that the refusal of the ICE will help them to lead the country into leaders in the purity of air and the environment.

Prime Minister of Ireland Leo Varadkar in an interview with foreign media said that the new ban will seriously affect the usual order of life in the country and will be possible only if there is active support from the citizens of Ireland.

This is not the first statement in Ireland of this type. Earlier it was reported about a complete ban on gasoline and diesel cars by 2040. However, now there is information about the intention to accelerate this process, and complete it by 2030.

How does the government intend to ban conventional motors, and what will be the benefits for people forced to sell their cars and buy electric cars. In addition to benefits, the government will have to think about the development of infrastructure for a large number of electric cars. In connection with this, charging stations should be built in sufficient quantity, and local power stations will have to provide a high peak power for the sharply increased consumption of electricity.