Introduces the all-electric version of the classic Ford Mustang

Introduces the all-electric version of the classic Ford Mustang

June 22, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The guys from the British company Charge Automotive showed the electric version of the iconic Ford Mustang 1967. In total 499 copies of the modernized legend will be built.

Back in 1967, the world saw the updated version of the very first generation of a truly iconic car. This is an American sports coupe Ford Mustang. In this form, the car was made until 1968. This is a true automotive classic.

The guys from the British brand Charge Automotive decided to give the American legend another chance to live. And according to their idea, the car was not just restored and equipped with modern components and assemblies. They went on. The car received a fully electric power unit, a high-performance all-wheel drive system, as well as a digital dashboard. It is noteworthy that the car has not yet received its name.

┬áIn order to develop an electric Mustang, the company’s engineers borrowed parts from the Arrival startup company that makes electric vans in the UK.

So, in action, the revived version of the American coupe brings as many as four electric motors, the total power of which is 476 hp (350 kW). Torque can rise to 1200 Nm. The moment is distributed on each specific wheel. Charge Automotive engineers assure that the car will get excellent handling.

Acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h will take 3.99 seconds, and the maximum speed is electronically limited to 240 km / h. And thanks to a 64 kWh battery, the electric car’s power reserve should be enough for 322 km.