Introduced the perfect electric pickup for the city Ford E-100

Introduced the perfect electric pickup for the city Ford E-100

May 30, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

Ford recently unveiled the F-150 Lightning. However, this did not stop the novice designer Tyler Kwon from showing his vision of the Ford electric truck: the car on the renders is more compact, which is much more convenient in big cities.

Tyler Kwon, a student at the College of Creative Studies in Transport Design, showed what a small Ford electric pickup might look like. He named his project E 100.

The visualizations came about when Kwon was in his sophomore year, so this actually predates the F-150 Lightning and takes advantage of the compact powertrain of electric vehicles to keep the size down.

The design of the Ford E-100 is built with the concept of utility in mind: every exterior element is not only beautiful, but also functional. So, the same DRLs are made as C-shaped clamps and attach the octagonal grille.

The door has a removable panel that opens up a storage area that can be used to transport power tools and other essentials on the road.

The truck body has built-in attachment points to help tie loads. The cargo platform is large enough despite the compact size of the pickup. The electric pickup shown in the renders is based on the so-called “skateboard” platform with batteries under the floor.

Moreover, the designer has provided a removable battery section in case of unforeseen situations. This is a great idea for off-road enthusiasts and travelers alike. In general, the pickup looks somewhat futuristic, but very stylish and brutal. It could well fit into the lineup of future Ford electric cars.

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