Introduced the “evil” version of the urban kid Fiat Panda

Introduced the “evil” version of the urban kid Fiat Panda

July 25, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Under the hood, this daring little car has a turbocharged engine, and its appearance has become very, very aggressive.

The Italian city car Fiat Panda has been on the market for about 40 years and remains a very popular car in Italy and some other European countries. He never received a high-performance version in his history – in the most powerful version, there was a 1.4-liter 100 hp engine under its hood. Sales of this version of the car began in 2006, but were discontinued when the third generation of the model debuted in 2011.

The Panda model has never really had “charged” modifications. Fortunately, independent artist Matthew Parsons decided to fix this with his new rendering. Yes, yes, this is not a real car, but only a picture, but what a!

His project is called 200HP and is the spiritual successor of the above-mentioned performance with a 100-hp engine. While the original looked very discreet in appearance, despite wider gauge and larger tires, the third-generation Panda-based virtual design offers a dramatic change in exterior with much wider wheel arches, lower strut and several changes in the body, multi-spoke black floats. wheels and an additional diffuser in the front bumper.

We definitely liked this idea, and it makes us want it to become a reality. We can imagine how Abarth decided to install a high-performance 1.4-liter turbocharged engine used in the Abarth 500 models. While even the factory 1.4-liter engine has enough power to fit the original Panda 100HP, Abarth guys have several versions of this engine with an output of up to 200 hp. (300 Nm).