Introduced the 4-wheel motorcycle Lazareth LM 410

Introduced the 4-wheel motorcycle Lazareth LM 410

February 23, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The small company Lazareth demonstrated the four-wheeled motorcycle LM 410. This is the second bike of the company, the first was the LM 847 also with four wheels and a 470-horsepower V8 engine from Maserati.

The novelty has two wheels in front and two in the rear. This arrangement, of course, is unusual for a motorcycle, but due to it, the bike can be in an upright position. In turn, a set of articulated axes makes it possible to tilt the motorcycle during cornering.

Unlike the LM 847, the LM 410 is powered by a Yamaha R1 4-cylinder engine. In R1, the power unit produces 199 hp. and 105 Nm, while the engine power for the new items is kept secret.

 The peculiarity of the new motorcycle is not only the presence of four wheels. So, for example, the driver’s chair is located closer to the “tail” of the bike, where the back seat in classic sports bikes is usually located. Given this arrangement of the chair, we can assume that the ride on the LM 410 will not be very comfortable.

 Lazareth is going to build only 10 copies of the new bike, each of which will cost 100 thousand euros