Introduced Saigon electric bike with a range of 200 km

Introduced Saigon electric bike with a range of 200 km

March 17, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Irish startup Modmo designed the stylish and compact Saigon bike with an electric motor on the front wheel, a modular accessory system and an impressive power reserve.

The Saigon frame is made of 6061 aluminum alloy. A removable 18.5 Ah battery is placed in a thick cylindrical tube, and the crank and rear wheel hub look very neat for an electric bike, writes New Atlas.

The headlights are integrated front and rear, and electroluminescent paint serves as a turn signal. If desired, the trunk, basket, child seat, bags and so on can be hung on the frame. You can also use the front mount for the charger if you do not want to remove the battery.

On one charge, you can drive up to 200 km without panting, if you do not climb the mountain and do not exceed speed limits. The mass of the bike, together with the battery and the front engine of 250 watts – 13.9 kg, that is, less than most models.

Saigon has no shock absorbers, but thick tires should soften the ride on asphalt.

In addition, there is GPS with 4G connection for navigation, motion sensors that serve as a start button – when the bike starts to move, the system turns on. There is a Bluetooth connection to the smartphone and a three-inch screen in the steering wheel.