Introduced new minivan Maxus Euniq 7 with two energy sources

Introduced new minivan Maxus Euniq 7 with two energy sources

September 14, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Maxus, a member of the Chinese auto giant SAIC, has presented another model under the Euniq sub-brand. He is responsible for sustainable transport.

The Euniq brand portfolio already has two electric vehicles with indexes 5 and 6, as well as a hybrid Euniq 6 Plug In. Now, the Chinese have unveiled the Euniq 7 large hydrogen minivan.

The novelty with two energy sources is based on the standard Maxus G20. A 204-horsepower electric motor is responsible for the performance of the new Maxiven. The range of the car reaches 605 kilometers according to the NEDC cycle. Hydrogen cylinders (6.4 kg) are hidden under the floor. The declared hydrogen consumption is 1.18 kg / 100 km.

The manufacturer managed to calculate the estimated fuel costs of the owners of the new minivan – 0.4 yuan per kilometer. It sounds tempting, but you should wait for the reviews of the first buyers. The novelty also receives a 13 kWh lithium-ion battery. With it, the minivan can be used as an electric car (without switching to hydrogen). True, only at short distances.

Among the advantages of the hydrogen system are low noise level and easy cold start at a temperature of –30 ° С.

Already the basic minivan gets advanced driver’s assistants responsible for safety, adaptive cruise control, LED optics, an electric sunroof and much more. Euniq 7 may appear on sale later this year. This term is called the publication Autohome. Closer to this date, the official price lists should be announced.

Meanwhile, the cost of the ultra-luxurious Lexus LM minivan has become known. The debut of this model took place last year at the Shanghai Motor Show. The maximum price tag for a novelty in the Celestial Empire reaches 1.46 million yuan.