Introduced Mopar Dodge Challenge Limited Edition Car

Introduced Mopar Dodge Challenge Limited Edition Car

August 30, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The anniversary model was called the Mopar 19 Challenge. It is presented only in white and black colors.

Designers designed the appearance of the model quite original. Auto has Shakedown graphics. The body is adorned with asymmetric center stripes, and the rear has a spoiler with the Mopar logo.

The car received 20-inch aluminum wheels. As for the changes in the interior, they are practically nonexistent. The front seats have an embroidered brand logo on the back and are covered with leather. Thresholds also received Challenger brand linings.

The car received a HEMI V8 powerplant of 6.4 liters and 485 horsepower. The motor works in conjunction with a six-band gearbox. There is an opportunity to order and automatic on 8 steps. The model has a Brembo brake system.

 Next month, the car will be on sale, at the end of the year deliveries will start. One hundred copies of the car will be produced – 90 intended for the United States, 10 – for Canada. The cost of the model in the United States starts at 45 thousand dollars.

At the beginning of this year, the Mopar concern announced the beginning of the acceptance of supplies for the new Hellephant engine.