Introduced Hyundai mid-engined sports car

Introduced Hyundai mid-engined sports car

July 7, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Korean Car Blog artists presented their vision for Hyundai’s future sports car. The machine, which will receive an average engine layout, will be introduced in a few years.

Last November, the automaker surprised us by introducing a prototype mid-engined sports car based on the asymmetric hatchback Veloster N. The concept was called RM19. It is known that the South Korean Hyundai plans to have a mid-engined sports car, but it is unclear whether it will really be based on the Veloster?

The guys from Korean Car Blog have an interesting look at this issue, and it came to life through their rendering, presented above.

As you can clearly see, the answer is definitely negative – this virtual concept takes the form of a more traditional sports car, which received Hyundai’s corporate identity. The front of the car is clearly inspired by the recently updated Santa Fe crossover, but received a sleeker body and wider lines, very similar to those of the Hyundai Prophecy concept previously provided in the spring.

The automaker has not talked about a new sports car since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. At the end of last year, the development of a mid-engined car was confirmed, and, of course, Hyundai introduced its prototype RM19 with a Veloster body to drool over the whole world. Korean Car Blog reports that, despite this, the production model will not be associated with the Veloster hatchback at all. In essence, this makes the prototype a bit of a “preview” of the new mid-range architecture.

As for the power of the future sports car, it is likely that the sports car will be equipped with a hybrid power plant. The gas engine will be located behind the driver.