Introduced future mobility capsule Mobility R3

May 28, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

While SUVs and crossovers continue to gain popularity throughout the world, there are some car manufacturers exploring the world of brand new urban vehicles with clean energy.

One of the most notable examples of this is Honda, with their all-electric hatchback. Now the designer from the Denni5 Cheng team has developed a car that, according to the creator’s plan, is the ideal urban vehicle.

Named Mobility R3, the machine does not belong to any of the currently existing automakers, and is an autonomous concept of urban mobility, which will be fully operational by 2035. It has space only for one passenger, and it can work in two unique configurations.

For regular driving, the three-wheeled vehicle extends and the passenger relaxes in the seat. If necessary, the wheelbase R3 can be shortened by lifting the cab to a more upright position. Considering that a vehicle can be more stable at higher speeds in long wheelbase mode, it can be especially useful on narrow city streets in its upright position.

Since R3 was designed to be shown in 2035, it is loaded with futuristic components, including all-glass doors and electric motors in wheels that restore the energy normally lost during braking to charge the battery. The concept also has fully autonomous driving capabilities, but if the driver decides to take control, there is a steering wheel that can come out of the dashboard.