Introduced Daihatsu Copen GR Sport Convertible

Introduced Daihatsu Copen GR Sport Convertible

October 15, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The development of a small Japanese car was done by Toyota, or rather its sports division, Gazoo Racing. As a result, the convertible received both mechanical and cosmetic improvements.

Toyota presented a series of sports cars at home (in Japan) back in 2017 – we are talking about a large number of high-performance versions of conventional models – from the tiny Vitz / Yaris to the mid-size Harrier crossover. The sports division of the company called Gazoo Racing was engaged in modernization, they gave their models a designation according to the level of work done. Cars that have not changed much during the modernization process are called GR Sport, the next level of tuning is designated GR (such as the Supra sports coupe), but if the car has changed dramatically both externally and internally, then the GRMN designation is added to its name. The most powerful representative of the updated family will be the Super Sport hypercar with a capacity of about 1000 horsepower.

 Interestingly, the Gazoo Racing atelier now decided to “pump” a car manufactured by a Toyota subsidiary called Daihatsu. A miniature car will be offered in Japan in the very initial version of GR Sport (minimal changes) with mechanical and visual improvements.

The engine capacity of this model is 0.66 liters, and the power is 63 hp. A three-cylinder unit can be purchased either with a five-speed manual gearbox or with a 7-speed variator.

The Daihatsu Copen GR Sport will go on sale in Japan next month and will cost 2,380,000 yen for a manual transmission version and 2,435,000 yen for a CVT version. For an additional fee, various accessories can be ordered, such as front and rear bumper spoilers, side skirts, and a boot spoiler.