Introduced an updated version of the sports Datsun 240Z

Introduced an updated version of the sports Datsun 240Z

March 11, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The independent designer published his vision of how a Japanese sports car might look like these days.

Before the Japanese brand Nissan became what it is today, it produced sports cars with a “Z” plate for the United States market. The first of many such cars is the Nissan S30 (also known as Datsun 240Z) – a stylish hatchback with good dynamics and an affordable price, which has become the key to the growing popularity of Nissan as a brand in America.

Computer visualization, which was published a couple of minutes ago on social networks, is not a real car – yes, this is not the official continuation of the 3-door hatchback 240Z from Nissan.

This fan-made render in honor of this, we can say the legendary car. In the world of JDM classics (Japan’s domestic market), the Skyline GT-R supercar is of course the most popular car, but the old Datsun 240Z was the first sports car that appeared in the 1970s.

The author of this visualization is the independent artist Marouane, also known as The Sketch Monkey. He is one of those who once fell in love with the 240Z. The designer shared the process of creating a photoshop-sketch of the modern version of the car Z.

The Datsun 240Z of the 1970s was taken as the basis and, it is necessary to pay tribute to the designer, he was able to transfer the design style of the Japanese brand, which was relevant for the 1970s.

Nissan S30, aka Fairlady Z, Datsun 240z was serially produced from 1970 to 1978. Under the hood of a 3-door hatchback was a “atmospheric” 2.5-liter engine, designed for a maximum power of 151 hp. Acceleration to the first hundred took 9 seconds, and the maximum possible speed was equal to 204 km / h. Vehicle weight was 1,044 kg.